Current waiting time for orders is roughly 4 weeks!

Terms and Conditions


  • Whilst in our FAQ's we highlight that it often takes 10 working days for your products to be produced and dispatched, this is not a guaranteed time and no returns or refunds will be accepted if the sole purpose for requesting the refund is that the products took longer than 7 working days to dispatch. If you do require your products before a certain date, please be sure to contact us before ordering to assure this is something we are able to achieve for you. If you purchase your products and do not acknowledge our website and social media clearly highlighting the recommended time frame, or do not contact us to notify us of a specific date, you will not be refunded.


  • When providing us with the text for your personalised products, please make sure everything is spelt correctly. Personalisation will be created exactly as we have received it. Therefore, if a product or gift box arrives mis-spelt as you have mis-spelt it when notifying us, no refund will be due, nor will you be entitled to a free replacement.

  • We do not offer refunds or returns on personalised products or items bought in a sale. If you have purchased a personalised item or sale item and it has arrived damaged, you can return the item within 14 days and we will fix it or replace it. We will not be responsible for the return fee but we will send the replacement/fixed product back to you free of charge.


  • With regards to our crystallised dummys, these are designed for sentimental / ornamental use only. Whilst we do use a fantastic glue when creating our products, thus it is highly unlikely any crystals will come loose / fall off, we can not guarantee this. Therefore, if you choose to give these dummys to your children for physical use, you are doing so at your own risk.

  • We use a fantastic, strong adhesive when creating our products as, occasionally, things are dropped / thrown about and we do not want any crystals coming loose or falling off of our products. Whilst it is highly unlikely they will, occasionally due to wear and tear, misuse of products and/or failure to care for them in the correct way, crystals may come loose. We will only accept a refund/return/exchange on these products if these products arrive with crystals missing. In the unlikely event that crystals come loose/fall off once they have arrived to yourself, we will be unable to accept any returns or refunds.


  • Do not get the crystals wet! We understand on some occasions, the crystals getting wet can be unavoidable, for example, when washing your brushes or cleaning a dropped dummy. When cleaning your make-up brushes or, should you need to clean any other products, do not submerge them in water and allow them to naturally dry, do not towel dry or blow dry. In the event crystals come loose/fall off as a result of you getting them wet, you will not be entitled to a refund.


  • If no one is home to receive your parcel and it goes to your local sorting office, it is your responsibility to collect the parcel or arrange re-delivery, not ours. Depending on your country of residence, your local sorting offices will only hold your parcel for a limited amount of time and, once that time is up, your parcel will be returned to us. If you would like us to resend your parcel, you will be charged the postage fee again, alongside any fees we may have incurred as a result of the parcel being returned. If you do not wish to pay the postage fee again, we will issue you a refund for the products. Please note, should we have to refund as a result of a parcel being returned to us, the original postage charge will be deducted from your refund, as will the sum we have been charged as a result of the return and a 15% handling fee will also be deducted from your refund for the time and work that has been put into creating your products. If you have a personalised product, including our personalised boxes, or there is a product that is not on our website and has been customised/made to your request, you will not be refunded for that product as we will be unable to resell.